Vaccum Flask Line

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Auto Hydraulic Drawing Machine
Item No. - VFL 048
  • The self-developed high-performance computer control system and the configuration of the pressure proportional valve enable the pressure of each cylinder to be adjusted and set separately, which greatly improves the performance of the hydraulic press.
  • All actions and function selections are displayed on a four-color LCD screen for easy operation.
  • Working from 160V to 280V, suitable for areas with large voltage fluctuations.
  • Using CPU control, reduce the number of hardware, increase the speed of reflection, and reduce the repair rate of electrical failures.
  • This model is equipped with the pressure preset function of the blanking cylinder, which can change the stretching of high and deep products and the pressure required during the stretching process. It can make the pressure of the lower cylinder automatically change linearly during the stretching process, thereby eliminating the product being stretched repeatedly. Stretch marks produced by stretching make the product more perfect and improve production efficiency.
  • Equipped with photoelectric protection and travel protection functions.
  • The stroke, pressure and speed of the main and lower cylinders can be adjusted arbitrarily within the rated range according to customer needs to improve product quality and have strong practicability.
  • Cooling function.
  • Servo system, PLC control.
  • The manipulator is integrated with the equipment, without additional installation and debugging of the manipulator.