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Auto Lacquer Painting/Powder Coating Line
Item No. - CKL 030
This auto lacquer painting machine can help you achieve smooth flawless atomization and finish the products.
  • Convenient operation, beautiful appearance, strong visitability.
  • Smooth logistic,easy loading and unloading of workpiece at each station, and easy inspection.
  • Smooth operation, high degree of automation, saving a lot of labor.
  • The ventilation effect is good and the air supply and the ventilation are balanced.
  • The workpiece rotates evenly and sprays at multiple points to reduce paint loss.
  • The temperature is automatically controlled and adjustable and the heat preservation effect is good.The temperature of all furnace walls is not greater than the environment +10.
  • The temperature of the high-temperature desk top furnace can be adjusted in each section within a certain range and the temperature curve of the furnace can be adjusted according to the coating requirements. The whole furnace has a good insulation effect and saves a lot of energy.
  • Energy-saving, safe and reliable, easy to maintain; and does not pollute the workpiece, ensuring the quality requirements of the workpiece.
  • The display control and actual control temperature flfluctuate between 0.1-1.0 to ensure product quality and make the high-temperature furnace more energy-saving and safer.