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Auto Servo Top & Bottom Shaping Machine
Item No. - VFL 020
The top and bottom shaping machine is used for process of insulated bottle's shaping.
  • Save human source, two operation can do by one machine.
  • Easy operation and control.
  • High precision machine.
  • Servo control, PLC control.
  • The manipulator is integrated with the equipment, without additional installation and debugging of the manipulator.
  • It is mainly used in the process of whole shouldering, rolling ribs, whole bottom and shaping of the inner tank and shell of the cup and pot.
  • The frame is made of 6# square tube welded together, and the work panel is connected by A3 board and plastic base structure.
  • Good stability, high efficiency and simple operation.
  • Put the product into the equipment mold, press to start, the upper head mold goes down, the spindle rotates, and the servo motor pushes the shaping to complete.
  • Processed products are stable. It is an ideal equipment for metal utensil manufacturing and processing enterprises.