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Semi-auto Double Head Tag Pin Taping Machine
Item No. - CFL 020
  • Efficient Drive Method The machine is with pneumatic drive, no electricity required. It can be used alone as a packaging device or easily integrated into an automatic packaging line
  • Environment-friendly Material It can replace traditional packaging, minimize the use of packaging materials, and reduce the weight of 99% of packaging materials. More environment-friendly, safer and more good-looking. The flexible matching elastic tag pins are made of environment-friendly materials, which are green and recyclable packaging consumables.
  • Time and Labor Saving Instead of time-consuming manual operation, it saves time and labor. It only takes about 0.5-1 seconds to fix one workpiece, which significantly improves production efficiency.
The Elastic Tag Pin Taping Machine is specially designed for packaging hardware tools, kitchen utensils, cutlery, ect. The needle of the elastic tag pin can be used with a variety of back-card materials, and its design is more suitable for the product and more varied, which is conducive to enhancing your brand image, making your product nicer and stand out from the others.