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Etching line
Item No. - CKL 005
The etching machine remove unnecessary lines by chemical reaction,making the patterns obvious.
  • Isolation function of plate pressing roller: before and after cleaning, feeding, etching, and film removal, there are water blocking roller sections to prevent solution channeling and ensure the production  environment. The rubber roller adopts sea rubber mandrel as titanium;
  • Features of materials used: main transmission gear and driven gear, the heavy-duty area is titanium/PVDF optimal fit; other areas use self-lubricating high-strength, ultra-high corrosion-resistant PVDF/enhanced PPH gears, and the frame and tank are made in China. Board/Grade A δ12/10/etc/pp engineered board.
  • Modular design: The equipment is of modular design, which is convenient for assembly and disassembly, so as to increase or decrease functions in future process changes. The feet can allow the horizontal height of the equipment to be adjusted by ±25mm, which is convenient for customers to use with other units.
  • External inclined liquid cylinder: The liquid cylinder is exposed outside the machine body, which is convenient for cleaning. The pipeline is a foldable design, which can be replaced and cleaned regularly. The bottom of the liquid cylinder adopts a slightly inclined 5-degree design and bottom drainage.
  • The slope design under the rollers of the tank body facilitates the liquid medicine to flow back into the storage tank.
  • Equipped with a low liquid level shutdown protection function to avoid damage to the liquid pump due to no-load.
  • The nozzles in the cleaning area can be disassembled independently for easy cleaning.
  • Pump spray liquid supply system, etching area: 3.75kw titanium pump * 14 sets; cleaning titanium pump after etching: 0.75KW titanium pump * 3 sets; film removal area: 3.7KW stainless steel pump * 4 sets; flushing area: 3.7KW
  • Titanium pump*1 set. Cleaning area stainless steel pump: 0.75KW*2 sets. Etching solution circulation pump: 15.5KW/380V titanium pump